Friday, August 13, 2010


Matt is one of the most ridiculous people I know, that just so happens to be one of the reasons I love him SO much! After 3 years of marriage he makes me the happiest!

Can everyone believe I just posted twice in one day?

MY SON IS ONE! well 13 months....

Well everyone I know its been a long time, but I'm not even going to apologize because I've been having WAY too much fun and been way too busy to even blog about it. But I do have a second today and can't resist showing everyone (who even checks my blog anymore since its been so long) the very cute pictures of my favourite little boy!

He's already 13 months and I can't believe my baby is such a big boy, guess its time to start thinking about getting a new cute little baby :) Just kidding we're not going to try just yet, but this little guy will need some siblings eventually.