Saturday, September 13, 2008


Well I've been meaning to put pictures up of our new little home in Texas for some time now, so here we go. Here is our living room, with the tree I really wanted, so it traveled on the outside of the Penske truck all the way from Utah.

This is our dining area. My parents graciously gave us the table and chairs, which coincidentally fit perfectly in this amount of space. I also really like the mirror on the wall. (It actually reminds me of my Grandma Stevens house).

This is our kitchen (obviously) with Murray the Moose cookie jar on the counter. Unfortunately he's empty at the moment. But if anyone wants to come visit I promise I'll fill him up for you.

This is one of my favourite parts of the house. Last year I hated not having a washer and dryer, so this year it was mandatory that we have them.

Here's the hallway, I really like the built in shelf on the side of the wall too.

This is our den, or study, or whatever you want to call it. Matt does a lot of studying in here...well maybe not A LOT, but he does study in here.

Bathroom, nothing fancy.

Last year our bedroom basically was just our bed, but now we have a little more room to move around in which is really nice. Matt and I put up the curtains by ourselves too.

So we live just a few miles from DFW Airport. Most days the planes are taking off over our house and its not as loud, I really don't even notice them anymore. But every once in awhile they switch directions and the planes land over our house, like in this picture, and its significantly louder, but still not too bad.

Overall we really like our new little home. It's much bigger than before, and if only someone could promise that I would never have a cockroach in it ever, it would be perfect!