Monday, October 20, 2008


Matt here. When I was little I would say "pumpkin gone" when ever I saw a pumpkin. Apparently, I would also say "football gone." I guess I just wanted fall to end so I could go skiing. As a two year old. I'm really looking forward to world famous ski season this year in Dallas.

Thanks to Denae for the most awesome apron ever. I think the only way an apron could be manly is to put a bull on it, I'm glad those Spaniards got it figured out.

She's pretty cute.

We had a lack of quality pumpkin carving knives in our house, so I went a little traditional and easy this year. Also I have an attention span worthy of making only the easiest designs. That probably won't come back to haunt me later as a doctor.

"All right nurse, I think we're done here."

"But you've only cut him halfway open."

"Yeah, I just don't really feel like finishing right now. He'll live."

Meagan posseses more fine motor skills and patience than I do, so her spider is pretty awesome.

I wish I had the skill to carve a matching double chin in my pumpkin. That would be awesome.

Our little pumpkins just enjoying the 80 degree Dallas Autumn air.

Little blast from the past when Meagan and I were in the same ward in 2004. She's not in this picture.

It's all fun and games until you go behind the concession stand at the dollar theater without permission.

On a totally unrelated note, there are a couple of words and phrases I wouldn't mind ever to hear again. I don't know why, I just can't stand them.

1. Blogosphere (or any play on the word blog)

2. Grass roots

3. Jazzercise

4. Ad nausem

5. BYU get crushed by TCU 32-7.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


After the beard I made Matt try a goatee for awhile, and I liked it better. Anyway, being the great BYU fans that we are Matt and I got tickets with some friends to go to the BYU v. TCU game here last Thursday. It would be one of only two chances we had to watch Cougar Football. So although Matt had an anatomy test the next day, and I had school bright and early the next day as true blue Cougar fans we really wanted to go. Unfortunately the Cougars decided not to show up at the game and we watched a pitiful and embarrassing loss, and couldn't help but think, "We paid money and time to watch this? Come on Cougars!" It was a sad day in Cougar Football, goodbye BCS...
This is us before the game... (note how happy Matt is)

Our friends, Edward and Tracy Haws
This is during the game.... (note the fake, me telling Matt he has to smile in the picture face)
Sorry Edward but this is the only I have of the four of us.


In our rebellious after BYU stages of life Matt decided to grow a beard (and I wanted to see what it would look like).

Here we are at a Texas Rangers game a few weeks back. We went with a bunch of other married couples from the med school, and it was a lot of fun. The Rangers lost to the Angels but it didn't really matter to me because I don't really care for either team.
Because my new calling is CTR 5 teacher in the Primary I got to help out with the Primary Quarterly Activity a few Saturday ago as well. Hurricane Ike hit Houston, not too far from here, so for our Primary Activity the kids made candy necklaces to send to the Primary kids in Houston. It was really cute, and I was surprised that the kids managed to make all the necklaces without eating all the candy.

Here's a few pictures of Matt's beard. It's not a very full beard because Matt's not really a man yet, maybe when he stops acting 5 sometimes it'll grow thicker but I don't think that's ever going to happen :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I realize that time must be going by pretty quick because I haven't posted in over a month. So here is a run down of what we've been up to. Matt is kept busy every night for Med School, studying away. We are now in what the med students like to call Death-tober because they have a number of hard tests this month. We've had 3 BYU students come and stay with us while they were here interviewing at the school for next year. So we're hoping that there will be more LDS students coming in next year.
Matt is currently taking Anatomy and gets to completely dissect a human body, which when he tells me about it I'm definitely glad its not me doing it. He held a human brain in his hand just the other day. Because the Anatomy Lab smells so bad they wear scrubs, but I can still smell it on him a little bit when he comes home.

While Matt is studying away each day I am trying to teach U.S. History to a bunch of high schoolers. School in Texas is a lot different then Utah or Oregon, but I am getting used to it and the good days still out weigh the bad ones. I really love teaching and most of the time my students are really great. And I love the other teachers, they're all really nice and we have a good time teaching together. Even though I get paid more here in Texas, they definitely require more of my time so I'm not quite sure if it was a fair trade off. But Matt and I are both happy and doing great. Besides school I teach CTR 5 on Sundays and have the cutest little group of kids, poor Matt doesn't have a calling still and is feeling a little left out I think. Other than that now that it's not so hot (only in the 80s each day) and I haven't seen a cockroach in weeks I'm liking Texas a little more each day!