Saturday, November 1, 2008


Brace yourselves, we've got a lot of pictures coming up! The following events all happened within four days! But a great four days they were!
Friday the 19th Matt and I went to Cutting Edge, one of the biggest Haunted Houses in Fort Worth because our friends, Shayla and Jared, invited us to go. Shayla goes to med school with Matt.

The following morning, Saturday October 20th, I had a Relief Society Blitz, and made the following crafts (mind you I chose any one that did not involve sewing).

Then I raced home to go with Matt to his White Coat Ceremony! It was long, but all the speakers did an entertaining job, and Matt finally got his White Doctor Coat! And there was a delicious reception afterwards.

Us with the other BYU couple in Matt's first year, the Walkers.

Us with Shayla and Jared.

"Someday when I grow up I'm gonna be a doctor!"

Then that night, it was a Halloween Party with some friends from the ward. Matt and I went as Mrs. Salt and Mr. Pepper (we borrowed the idea from some friends, Scottie and Angie, who used it last year).

Friends, Eric (Joe Dirt) and Laura Ryan, and the awesomest baby costume ever...NACHO!

Our party hosts wanted to play the "Donut Eating Contest on a String" game, but Matt decided that it would be much more exciting to tie the donuts to the fan, turn it on low, and then see who could eat their the donut the was hilarious, only Matt, Eric and Joe did it, but I had tears in my eyes!

Monday night, for Family Night, Matt and I decided to make Halloween Sugar Cookies, just like we did when we were dating.

These are the finished products (we made cupcakes for the party earlier) the cookies on the counter weren't cool enough to make it on the plate.

It was a very busy four days, and I didn't do a single thing for school, but it was a lot fun! Hope everyone is having lots of fun too!