Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Age of Aquarius

Meagan's spring break occurs the week after mine, so we decided to do something fun on the weekend between the the two. I celebrated my spring break by waiting too long to buy a plane ticket and consequently not going to Utah to ski. Oops. I did buy a new desk for our den and maintained a rigorous TV watching schedule. We decided to check out the Dallas World Aquarium. We enjoyed the walk through the shark tunnel while navigating through the worlds largest stroller population.

I could take him.
The aquarium is home to two giant manatees. I am taking the high road by not making any jokes that would compare my pregnant wife to one of these creatures. I just wouldn't do that.

Meagan wore lots of clothes to hid her cute belly, but the flamingos knew it was there. You can't get anything past these guys.
"When do I get out? I've been in here a really long time!"

"Your hand got ate!" I swear something along those lines were shouted by the lady next to me while this was happening.

Meagan was the brave one and let Tucan Sam eat out of her hand first. But her picture comes after mine because uploading images onto blogspot is counter intuitive.

Any day that starts at Waffle House and ends at Carls Jr. is a good one. It just happens to lower your life expectancy by a few months. Worth it!
Also we drove 25 miles from home to eat here. Don't tell Al Gore.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Just like most every girl I cringe at the thought of pictures of me, that I do not like, being seen by several people. However, in an effort to keep the family that is so far away updated despite my constant worries of not fitting nicely in my clothes, like Matt always says, "well you are pregnant!" So here are some of the most recent photos of the little guy making my belly larger every day.

This is me at 21 weeks and...

here I am again at 22.

Despite the fact that everyone I know keeps telling me that most women by the time they are about 5 months pregnant look nowhere near to as small as me I can't help but think how nicely my clothes used to fit...hopefully they will again someday.
But I do not want anyone to think that I am more concerned about my belly than the fact that it's because I'm pregnant. Both Matt and I are so grateful for the opportunity we are given to be having a little boy in our lives and thank our Heavenly Father for that blessing everyday!