Saturday, January 17, 2009


I have failed at being a good blogger...I do so well for a couple months and then months go by with nothing. So for those of you who've asked me to keep up I'll try to do better. Since I'm so far behind I won't go into great detail about anything but here's a whirlwind tour of the last 2 and 1/2 months.

First, Thanksgiving in Oregon with the Tolley Family.
Here's a lovely picture of the happy couple in the annual Family Turkey Bowl. We were on opposing teams (My team won!)

We took some family pictures, including all but Jeff (he's busy in Samoa). Shortly after this Matt stopped shaving.

Here's me and my brand new niece (she's only 12 days old here) Addyson Patricia Lowe, she's so tiny and cute!

After Thanksgiving, we move on to the old man's 26th birthday!

Next, Christmas in El Dorado Hills. This is our 3 year old nephew Shane, so cute!

I took a little jaunt up to the Great White North for a few days after Christmas with my family to visit my Grandma and had a grand old time....except for the being sick part!

When I returned back to EDH we celebrated a very uneventful New Years and shortly after I turned the old age of 24...

Matt and I have had a wonderful past 2 and 1/2 months and the most exciting thing that happened was we got to tell all of our friends and family that we're having a baby in July! Sorry no pictures yet, but I'll try to do better! We hope everyone else's holidays were just as much fun!